Thu 05 June 2014

GENIVI most valuable contributor

by Codethink , Manchester 2014 , Tags GENIVI

Barcelona, Spain, April 24 2013 – At the keynote for the GENIVI All Members Meeting today, Codethink’s contribution to GENIVI was highlighted and we received a Most Valuable Contributor award.

Since the last meeting in Shanghai October 2012, Codethink’s team successfully introduced the Baserock GENIVI Baseline. Baserock’s workflow and results were validated and accepted by the Baseline Integration Team in December. Since then Codethink has continued to deliver Baserock GENIVI baselines tracking GENIVI’s six week release cadence.

Baserock 7 was released in the runup to the GENIVI AMM, and includes morph definitions for GENIVI Foton 1.0.

Codethink is delighted to have received this award from the GENIVI community. We will demonstrate Baserock both at the GENIVI AMM Showcase (Thursday 25th April) and the BIT Hands-On (Friday 26th April).

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